TCR Sport Lab

Cory Fagan’s diverse background, experience, vast knowledge and desire to help individuals achieve their goals, makes him one of the top coaches and exercise physiologists practicing today. His elite sports training is tempered with private consultations to people of all ages and abilities for improved cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance and strength.

Cory’s recent research lies in the optimization of fat metabolism through new concepts in nutrition. As a result, he works with individuals to make appropriate food choices that allow for prolonged bouts of exercise without gastro-intestinal distress.

After completing an undergraduate honours degree in Physical Education in 1996, Cory went on to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2000. His studies focused on advanced methodologies of exercise testing and applied exercise physiology. Cory’s passion for sport and applied sport science led him to create TCR Sport Lab in 2006, a company focused on helping people achieve the extra-ordinary in their active lifestyles.

His workshops will discuss:

– choosing the right types of protein
– how diet impacts stamina
– the benefits and perils of sugar spikes
– the myths surrounding fat consumption and making healthful fat choices.


Worthy and Well Inc.

Casey Berglund is a Healthy Lifestyle expert who believes all people deserve to feel free in their relationship with food and at home in their bodies, so they have more energy for the important things in life. She owns Worthy and Well Inc., where she inspires individuals to eat for fuel, flavour, and fun.

Casey provides education, tools, and support to help you discover and stay on track with a unique wellness plan that you can happily follow forever. Through her mindful eating challenge, Casey is dedicated to helping you find the freedom you deserve and the wellness you desire.

Casey is a Registered Dietitian, certified yoga teacher, and national spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada as well as a regular contributor to TV and print media, including Global News, CBC radio, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post and Chatelaine magazine. She lives in the beautiful Calgary, Alberta, where she enjoys hiking the Rocky Mountains, cooking delicious food, and practicing yoga.



“We built our company to help people improve their brain health, no matter how or what they were eating to begin with. Our approach is deliberately inclusive. Brain Food is for everyone.”
— ORSHA MAGYAR, Founder & CEO, NeuroTrition

Orsha is a passionate fan of real, whole foods and local and seasonal flavours. She’s not into fad diets or food trends. She loves real comfort foods that take you back to your roots, but with an evidence-based, brain health-promoting spin.

Her company NeuroTrition blends Neuroscience, nutrition and food and creates proprietary “Brain Food Menus” and “Brain Building Programs”. Orsha takes immense pride in teaching the principles of the NeuroTrition RX and all things Brain Food to healthcare professionals and chefs through NeuroTrition’s various mentorship programs.

Along with the chefs and other professionals she mentors, and her Neuro-Team and Science Council, Orsha is at the forefront of a Brain Food Revolution helping people understand 1) the connection between what they eat and how they think, feel and perform, and 2) how everyone can feed their brain, no matter who they are or where they’re at. One bite at a time.