Salumi: The Need to Knows
Chef Adrian Jemmett

Science meats the art of Salumi. Salumi has been made for hundreds of years but modern day pathogens have led to concerns regarding the safety of eating these traditional food items. This presentation will discuss the pathogens of concern, how to control those pathogens, and what our health inspectors are looking for to ensure these products are safe for consumption.

Brand New: Making Yourself Stand Out
Photographer Ingrid Kue

Branding your business is common place. Now building your personal brand is just as important as the skills you use in the kitchen. Social media has greatly influenced this change – and we want you to be ahead of the curve. This workshop will take you through some of the steps you need to create or refresh your unique personal brand. Bring your smart phone and get some tips and ideas on how best to photograph your dishes for social media. We’ll have props so you can practice some of the techniques.

Get a new head shot taken by our photographer. This is an essential session for up-and-coming chefs and cooks!

Diner Behavior & Game-Changing Technology:
Insights and innovation from the world’s largest reservation network

We love what can happen around the restaurant table. With over 18 years of connecting diners and restaurants, OpenTable has learned a thing or two about diner behaviour. Join us for a seminar spotlighting our latest learning on what drives dining discover and decisions. We’ll dive into emerging trends, game-changing technology, and more insights and innovation from the world’s largest reservation network. Learn more about OpenTable here.

Getting Off The Rollercoaster & Finding Balance, Naturally
Orsha Magyar, CEO & Founder, NeuroTrition Inc.

No profession in the world is hit harder by addiction than chefs and cooks. So you — and those who work with or for you — are at risk. However, your profession is also the most talented and skilled with food. Why is that important?

Brain science has identified that both addiction and eating live in the same areas of the brain, and interact significantly with each other. We’ve also learned that stress (another area where cooks and chefs frequently struggle) is a major contributor to addiction and eating. We now believe we may be able to fight back against the effects of stress on our addiction biology by nourishing our eating biology.

In this session, you’ll discover how you can mitigate the nasty effects of stress on your addiction biology by feeding your eating biology. You’ll learn our 5 proven ways to balance your blood sugar and get off the blood sugar rollercoaster for good. Naturally, of course.