Canada Beef – Pasture to Plate

CCFCC Junior Chef Industry Experience


As chefs, you understand the finest dish is only as good as the ingredients that you start with. Knowing the backstory of the ingredients helps you make the best choices for your culinary creativity. Take advantage of being in the heart of cattle country to learn all about one of Canada’s finest ingredients – Canadian beef. Hosted by the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, we invite you to join us for a day of learning that gets you right out in the field for a unique hands on experience. Meet with a rancher; come explore butchery and new cuts in the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence and more. This is to provide an in depth understanding of Canadian beef from Pasture to Plate.


Stop Number 1: Soderglen Ranches. This integrated Cattle and Cattle Feeding operation is a great example how precision cattle ranching and feeding is done. Participants will visit this operation and have a chance to understand the key elements in how Cattle are handled and grain finished.

Stop Number 2: The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. This state of the art facility is where the Canadian beef brand and the technical components of the Canadian beef advantage are brought to life. The facility has hosted over 40 domestic and international trade missions from around the world. The Centre will host presentations on the Canadian beef advantage highlighting why Canada is internationally known for the highest quality of quality beef. We will then head to the demo theater where master butcher Abe Van Melle and team will highlight new and interesting options for menus showcasing between 5 and 7 cuts you probably never heard of as well demonstrate new options for traditional middle meats. Sous vide, smoking and tumbling presentations will all be demonstrated. The event concludes with a Canadian beef ideation tasting that will let you have an opportunity to sample the concepts demonstrated.