Saputo Foodservice

We are excited to continue our annual partnership with Saputo Dairy Products Canada (www.saputofoodservice.ca), and their award-winning goat cheese brands Woolwich Dairy and Alexis de Portneuf, bringing goat cheese to your menu in unexpected and wholesome ways – everyday! With over 30 years of dedicated experience working exclusively with goat dairy, Woolwich Dairy offers innovative flavours and formats made with fresh Canadian goat milk and simple ingredients; complimented by Alexis de Portneuf, originating in Saint Raymond, Quebec, which has stood the test of time, delivering quality fine cheeses for over 100 years.

Consumers are busier than ever, with a multitude of options at their fingertips and an increasing desire for tasty, “Instagramable” meals made with simple ingredients – so consider goat cheese your ‘go-to’ for menu elevation! Packed with flavour, goat cheese is a simple, yet gourmet addition that is on-trend with today’s ‘clean-eating’, ‘farm-to-fork’ approach to a balanced lifestyle.

Drive renewed interest in your menu, by reinvigorating menu classics for salads, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, and adding creamy, rich texture to soups, sauces and dips! With many of Woolwich Dairy and Alexis de Portneuf’s goat cheeses high in protein and nutrition-packed, we invite you to explore the world of goat cheese through the eyes of two of Canada’s top brands. Multiple seminars are scheduled on Saturday, May 27th – pre-registration details to follow.


Acadian Sturgeon

Acadian Sturgeon was founded in March 2005 for producing the best Canadian sturgeon and caviar! We work with both local sturgeon species, Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon. Sturgeon is used nose-to-tail and the caviar and sturgeon products are sold all across Canada, online (Costco.ca, own online store), to foodservice, deli stores, etc.

Acadian Sturgeon’s strategy of developing a sturgeon aquaculture business using live sturgeon sales and sustainable harvest of wild sturgeon is truly one-of-a-kind in this world! The company catches up to 350 of the fish a year quota, in a traditional and strictly regulated wild Atlantic sturgeon fishery. We also produce shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon caviar and meat in a land based aquaculture operation and sell live sturgeon all over the world for restocking, aquaculture, ornamental and research.

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry brings great cocoa from remarkable places to celebrate the diversity of chocolate flavours. Supported by a complete product range – from cocoa, chocolate couvertures and pralines, to exclusive plantations and customized chocolate recipes – together with a global network of Ambassadors, it is our mission to support Chefs in their daily challenge to delight customers with unique chocolate flavours and creative pairings in signature dishes.

Discover how to temper chocolate easily and create simple but astonishing homemade chocolate decorations to bring your dessert menu to the next level. Space is limited (20 seats) for this Cacao Barry Interactive Tempering Workshop, scheduled for Sunday, May 28th (9am to 1pm) – pre-registration details to follow.


Churchill products are developed using over 220 years of manufacturing expertise and a pure passion for innovation. The Churchill brand has achieved global recognition and is a reputable supplier of the highest quality ceramics.

At Churchill, we recognize the importance of dedicated and detailed industry research. We are committed to discovering and monitoring key food and design trends to support our innovative new product development, helping us to thoroughly understand and meet the needs of our customers. With three new product launches a year we always have exciting innovative products which follow the latest culinary trends. Our in house design team are ceramic experts and their challenge is to create products with excellent performance, practicality and aesthetic appeal.

We understand within the hospitality sector, the choice of tableware must meet the highest standards for presentation, practicality and performance.