Niagara Falls – May 2019!

We look forward to welcoming you to Niagara Falls, Ontario – a place that will inspire you with the abundance of the landscape and all it’s natural wonders.

Our program for 2019 centres on the theme of Growing Our Community. For us, community is at the intersection of place, people, identity and belonging. As we look to the future of our federation, we explore the sense of connection, personal development and kinship that emerges when we gather together to share ideas and experiences.

As we set out together to visit one of Canada’s richest growing regions, known for producing a diverse selection of fruit, vegetables and other produce, we will connect the growth of local agriculture, the rise of the next generation of culinary professional and the importance of place and connections to our industry and to our personal successes. Community and connections will be explored through conference education sessions, presentations and keynote addresses, networking and exploration of the unbelieveable Niagara Falls area.

You’ll walk away from the conference feeling inspired and motivated with a renewed sense of purpose and passion to grow and support your local branch. You’ll learn practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately to making connections with other chefs in your community. We look forward to growing our community together May 26-30!


Welcome To PEI!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Charlottetown on beautiful Prince Edward Island and the Culinary Federation 55th National Conference.
It is an exciting time for the Culinary Federation and this conference comes at a pivotal time when we are redefining the Federation – with rebranding, providing new online programs that will give real value to your membership and welcoming new types of memberships.
Our conference committee has worked hard at putting together a program that is full of educational workshops, networking opportunities and events that will give you a full flavour of what PEI has to offer.
I look forward to meeting you and to your participation in making this conference a great success.
Simon Smotkowicz
Culinary Federation President

Welcome to Prince Edward Island and our 55 th  annual Culinary Federation Conference. I want to make sure your trip to this beautiful Island is a successful one, so I am going to share an important local procedure with

Take a tiny fork and move the oyster around in it’s salty liquid-filled half shell to make sure it’s detached. Then put down your fork, pick up the shell, and slurp down the succulent oyster (from the wide end – it’s more aerodynamic that way!). Chew the morsel once or twice before you swallow it. Repeat until fulfilled …

Following these simple steps will ensure that your conference and your trip to PEI will have long lasting memories.

All the Best,

Peter Dewar
CF Eastern Vice President, CF Culinary Chair
Oyster Lover!!!

Are you ready to get growing? Growing your network, your knowledge and skills, and your community? On behalf of the Oakville Branch of the Culinary Federation, and the Central Region, I would like to welcome you to the 56th Annual National Conference – Welcome, Bienvenue, Yiheh!

Held in one of the most fertile growing areas in Canada, this year’s theme of ‘Growing Our Community’ came quite naturally. Just as food is connected to the earth, we, as chefs and people, are connected to each other. We look forward to celebrating these bonds and feeding your minds, hearts, and bellies with delicious and enriching experiences. Held at the recently renovated Marriott on the Falls, you will be surrounded by stunning views, excellent amenities, and a plethora of entertainment options. For this exciting and educational week, the spectacular Canadian Horseshoe Falls will be your neighbour!

Please join us in exploring the many ways that we can grow personally and professionally (and have a ton of fun!), as we enjoy the many gifts of the Niagara Region. I look forward to building memories with you in May 2019 – see you then!

Kira Smith
President, CF Oakville


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